Altura West LLC is a strategy and communications consulting firm specializing in public policy issues in communications, media, and the Internet – public policy strategies for a connected world.


Winning Strategies

Altura West LLC is dedicated to winning public policy strategies. We can lead your team or be an effective part of it, as the situation may require. We carefully analyze your needs, and develop a comprehensive and tailored approach.


Shaping the Environment

The public policy process is not just a matter of hiring lawyers and lobbyists and stating your own case as strongly as you can. You need to understand the policy-making environment in which you are operating – the psychology of decision-makers and their staffs, and of your opponents. We can help you to better understand their motivations and goals, and find common ground.


Effective Participation

Wherever public policy is being made – in the legislature, in the courts, or in the regulatory agencies – we can help you to make the strongest case using all the tools of persuasion.


Finding Alternatives

Frequently, public policy issues cannot be satisfactorily resolved by the legislative or regulatory processes. Alternative solutions, including public/private partnerships, multistakeholder organizations, and self-regulatory efforts, can be developed. We can help you to identify these alternatives, and formulate effective strategies to succeed.